Bardomus-4xAluminum Cans-Extra Virgin Olive Oil-1000 ml.

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BARDOMUS - Glass bottle - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Alcalà de Xivert · Castellón · Spain. 1000 ml.

The Bardomus estate was acquired by the Barchi Casali family in 1989, who were drawn by its unique location and landscape.

The estate covers 61 acres of gently-rolling hills that face south, directly overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and nestling between the Serra d'Irta and Prat de Cabanes nature parks in the municipalities of Alcalà de Xivert and Torreblanca (province of Castellón).

At Bardomus we are aware that producing unique EVOOS requires strict and exhaustive controls of each stage of the production process, ranging from caring for the land and oil production, to meticulous attention to detail during the preservation and packaging phases, always putting quality before quantity.


PICUAL PREMIUM: GREEN COLOR/"Grassy green". 25cl.

The most cultivate variety in Spain.

Bardomus Picual is an incredible, unique and unforgettable extra virgin olive oil.

Bardoms Picual has a perfect balance and good hamony.

Bardomus Picual born above to the Mediterranean sea and it has blessed by mild winters ans summers.

AROMA: In the nose we find aromas of green olive, tomato plant leaves, fig branch, green herbs, and green banana peel.

FLAVOR: It has a balanced favor as position of bitter green fruits whit a good touch of pungency. Fluid and astringent in the mouth, whit notes of green almond fig, artichoke in tomato leaves.

PAIRING:  It works well as salad dressing and on raw vegetables as well as in fish and seafood stews, sauces, wheat-based dishes, frying and empanadas because of its high stability rating.



Bitter, intense and elegant.

A variety of olive tree originally from Canet lo Roig in Castellón, Spain, it is cultivated in the north of the province of Castellón and in the south of Tarragona.

This is a small rather delicate tree that bears long olives of a medium weight.  Its fruit appears quite early, taking a medium amount of time to ripen.

AROMA: Top notes of green olives, scrubland grass and unripe bananas.

FLAVOR: Slightly spicy and bitter, fluid, evocative of green almonds, tomato plant leaves, artichokes, olive leaves and unripe bananas.

PAIRING: Goes well with any dish, particularly salads, roast vegetables, white fish, mature cheese and meat.


Rustic & rural.

Originally from the towm of Borriol in Castellón (Spain), this is a variety of olive tree with a high yield. A rustic, rural vuriety that is slow to start bearing fruit, it ripens early, is sensitive to the cold, and has  long asymmetrical olives that produce good quality oil with a high fat content.

AROMA: Top notes of green olives, green apples, almonds and ripe tomatoes.

FLAVOR: A balanced fluid sweet flavour with a slightly bitter spicy touch. Evocative of sweet almonds, tomatoes, freshly mown grass and unripe bananas.

PAIRING: Goes well with any dish, particularly salads, fresh vegetables, fish, desserts, unripened cheese, sauces and meat.



Gentle. frangant and fluid.

Arbequina (Olea europea) is a variety of olive tree that originates from Palestine.

Arbequina olive trees are small trees with a high resistance to the cold.

They produce a large amount of small, round, shiny greenish violet olives that grow in clusters. The olives ripen early and have a high oil yield.

AROMA: Top notes of green olives, freshly mown grass and green nuts.

FLAVOR: Sweet, fluid, and evocative of green almonds, apples and unripe bananas.

PAIRING: Goes well with any dish, particularly salads, desserts, fresh vegetables, sauces, fish, unripened cheese and cottage cheese.


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