Una Bella Gourmet was idealized by CoFounder Madame Renata Serrador. She is from Italian and Brazilian families. She is focusing in food business production and sales, quality and attention to details has always been a priority for operation success. In 2020, the company's proposal is to be the first to sell over the Internet a range of Brazilian and Spanish products, including other nationalities. The goal is to produce items they don't have in the market for end customers. (small frozen snacks "quitutes” and frozen desserts) legally produced by certified machines in Europe. Married with Alberto Albanez, the idea became true to bring the traditions of the families to Luxembourg.
Mr Alberto Albanez, Founder and Sommelier from Spanish and Brazilian families working in the gastronomic industry for 14 years, came to Luxembourg in 2015 where worked for 4 years in Spanish restaurants, many years ago he worked in England, Ireland and Spain. A part of that he worked for 4 years in cruise ships around the world where he had the opportunity to meet numerous cultures. In the long past working in banking, advertising, logistics planning, events producer, e-commerce operation, administrative and marketing planning, all those tasks help to be attentive to anticipate the guests' needs.
Mr Ntiba Nahum, Founder and Head Chef, always seeking for new delicious recipes for your daily experience. He is delivering the Wow, where he has developed a delicious menu and typical desserts. You should try it. With 14 years of restaurant management experience is a well-trained chef from the Culinary Institute of Luxembourg Lycee Technique de Bonnevoie, (CITP, CATP and BREVET DE MAITRISE, currently enrolled). He was a sous chef of Spanish, Mediterranean Restaurant BOSQUE FEVI, located at The Seven Hotel, in Esch-sur-Alzette for many years. He also served as the sous chef of the Hotel and Restaurant Presbyterre, French tradition cuisine located at SAUVAGE in Diffedange. Was responsible for inventory, merchandise purchasing, maintaining employee schedules, and ensuring restaurant safety compliance. It's a deep understanding of food, maintaining a safe dining experience for YOU.