Baltasar Gracian-2019-Calatayud-Rosé-75cl.

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Baltasar Gracian-2019-Calatayud-Rosé-75cl.


Baltasar Gracián is the main range of the winery. High altitude vineyards, different orientations and exceptional slate and gravel soils, which, together with the antiquity of its traditional, bush vines, produce grapes harvests of exceptional quality


Hand-picked bunches of grapes slightly pressed at a very low temperature for the extraction of the flower must and the development of the best Garnacha aromas.


An atractive strawberry pink colour with violet hues. Clean, fresh and fruity. Very intense aromas, especially raspberry and strawberry. With a full body, it is tightly nit, elegant persistent and has an after-taste of fresh fruits.


Winery: Bodegas San Alejandro

Appellation: Calatayud

Alc./Vol 13% Vintage 2019

Variety: Garnacha

Type of wine: Rosé wine



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