3x Bottles-Guindalera-2016-Granada-Calvente-75 cl.

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Wine name: Guindalera-2016: V.T.Granada -2016 -75 cl.

Varieties: Tempranillo, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot;

Aging in wood: 12 to 14 months depending on variety
Barrel: Bordelesa 225 l. American oak - French
Bottle ageing: More than 12 months


Age of the vineyard 20 to 45 years.
Ownership of the vineyard: Own vineyard.
Municipality: Los Guájares
Plot: La Caná and Cortijo Alcalde
Surface: 4.5 Has.
Altitude strip: 900 to 975 meters above sea level.
Climate: Mediterranean mountain
Orientation: NE
Annual potential insolation: 3,000 hours
Average annual rainfall: 650 mm – 750 mm
Average annual temperature: 14 -16°C
Earrings: 5 – 20%
Litology: Micasquistos, decalsquistos, quartzites, philites
Edafology: Cromic luvisols, etutric cambisoles, regolsoles
Crop system: Vineyard in trellises

Vintage: Traditional handbook at dawn
Selection: Manual selection of bunches in vineyards
Transport: 15 kg boxes


Selection: Double manual selection on the table.
Fermentation: Controlled temperature in steel tanks Stainless.
Filtration: Mechanical (Millippore filter) (non-chemical)
Bottled: In the winery itself.
Production: Limited
Consumption: optimal From now to 7 years.


Alcohol Grade: 13.5%
Ph: 3.38
Volatile acidity: 0.6 gr/l
Total acidity: 4.9 gr/l
Dry extract: 28.4 gr/l


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