Pago de Araiz-2019-Navarra-Rosado-75 cl.

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Pago de Araiz-2019-Rosado-75 cl.

Wine Type: Rosé. D.O.Navarra

Origin: D.O. Navarra.
Alcohol Grade: 14.5% vol. Approx.
Serving temperature: 8-10°C.
Potential Guard: 1 year.

Pagos de Araiz Rosé wine is made with grapes from the vineyard of the cellar.

The vineyards in which our Grenache grapes settle have an average of 20 years, cultivated in the soft hills of clay slime texture with boulders in the town of Olite, the middle area of Navarre of influence Mediterranean and Pyrenean.

The production of this wine is limited to 15,000 bottles.

Variety: 100% Grenache.

Development: The Grenache grape variety is collected at its ripening point and transported quickly to the winery to avoid maceration. Bleeding from deposits it is done almost immediately to obtain the drop must with little color. The must is then slowly fermented at a controlled temperature in deposits of stainless steel for about 20 days.

Finally, the rosé wine rack and clarify before bottling.

Tasting Note:
View: Pale salmon colour, bright and attractive.

Nose: The Grenache variety gives the wine characteristic aromas among the highlighting wild strawberries and fresh raspberries. Notes of white flowers with citrus gummy sensations.

Mouth: Live and fresh attack, full and sweet. Highlights the presence of fruits
fresh reds, strawberry and currant sensations. The passage through the mouth is long, with a fruity and persistent finish.


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