Pagos de Araiz-2017-Navarra-75 cl.

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Pagos de Araiz Crianza 2017 - D.O.Navarra

Merlot 30%, Tempranillo 30%, Syrah 20% and Cabernet-Sauvignon 20%.

The delicate elaboration process and the separate maturation of each grape
varietal in French and American oak casks for 10 months, characterize our
Pagos de Araiz Crianza wine. After the selection of the final ‘coupage’ the wine
rests in the bottle for several months before going on sale.

2016 was a good year for the vineyard, after a cold but not very wet winter, the
spring was mild and the summer was warm with little rain and continued well
into the autumn. The quantity of the harvest was moderate due to our own yield
control systems. The sanitary state of the grapes was perfect, thanks to the mild
and sunny weather in spring and summer.

The grapes arrive at the winery where the clusters are separated

and vatted, strictly controlling temperatures and times in the pre-
fermentative stage. In order to optimize the extraction process during
maceration and contact with the skins, the alcoholic fermentation
process has to be meticulous and lasts around 15 days on average.

The wine is then racked and undergoes malolactic fermentation before
being transferred into French and American oak casks where it spends
11 months.

COLOUR: Intense cherry red, bright with medium-high intensity.

AROMA: The nose is complex with hints of ripe red and black fruit combined with
smooth toasted notes and touches of vanilla acquired during aging. Aromas of
violets, mountain herbs and black licorice emerge later.

PALATE: Long and full on the palate, the aromatic complexity continues straight
up until the round and balanced finish. The aftertaste offers spicy notes of turrón
and white pepper and never fails to impress.

Origin: D. O. Navarra
Alcohol Content: 14 % vol
Serving Temperature: 18°C


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